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Connect The Receptionist for iPad with other workplace tools you use daily with the click of a button. Make an impressive visitor experience second nature by using your preferred platform to notify hosts, track guests, and more.

You're ready to become a visitor management integration pro with our library of Zapier templates!

Not sure how to get started with our pre-made Zaps? See step-by-step instructions below the templates!

Zaps for Use Cases

Send Alert if Visitor Enters Temperature Above 98.5

If a visitor indicates high temperature upon check-in, send an alert to their host or specific person.

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Send Alert if Queued Visits Nearing Office Capacity

Anytime a visit is created, filter data in Zapier and send outbound Email

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Send Alert if Checked-In Visits At Office Capacity

Set a number of checked-in guests that triggers an alert if your office is at capacity

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Send Check-In Email to Queued Visitors Waiting

Send a notification to a queued visitor that they have been checked in and can come inside

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Send Visitor Check-Out Notification to Non-Employee

When a visitor checks out, notify a non-employee contact (i.e. a guardian waiting for them)

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Send Alert if Visitor on Specified Watchlist

If a visitor on a specified list checks in, send an alert to their host or specified employee

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Send Email Alert to Queued Visitors Who Forgot to Check In

Keep track of your queued visitors on a Google Sheet and send them an alert if they forget to check in after a period of time

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Mark Queued Visitors as Checked In on Google Sheet

When a queued visitor checks in, mark them as checked-in on Google Sheet (use in tandem with previous Zap)

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Zaps for Apps

Create Row in Google Sheet

When visitor checks in, add their info to a new row in a Google Sheet

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TIP: Use this with a Magic Cell Notification in Google Sheets for capacity tracking!

Remove Row in Google Sheet

When a visitor checks out, remove them from the Google Sheet for real-time tracking

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Twilio (phone call)

When a visitor checks in, place a custom automated phone call to a specified number via Twilio

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Create Zoom Meeting at Check-In

Anytime a visitor checks in, create a Zoom meeting and send them the meeting link via email.

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Check-Out Notification to Slack

Anytime a visitor checks out, send a notification to their host or specified person via a Slack message to confirm checkout

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This Library Is Just The Beginning...

With 4000+ available apps on the Zapier marketplace, this is list is just the very tip of the iceberg in using the data you collect to expand and enhance your business operations. Have an application you have dreamed of sending the data to? Head to The Receptionist's Zapier page to search for more even apps to connect with our visitor management software!

See Even More Integration Options!

How to use our Zapier library

1. You'll need an active account in The Receptionist, Zapier, and any other apps you're integrating The Receptionist with via Zapier.

2. Once you've found a Zap you'd like to use on your account, click the blue 'Get The Zap' button. You'll be taken to a Zapier page that explains more about what the Zap does and the apps it integrates. Make sure you're logged into your Zapier account, then click 'Try this Zap'.

3. You'll go through the process of connecting your own accounts, including the locations and buttons you want to trigger the Zap. Filters and message content are set up for you in each template, but feel free to customize to your heart's content. It's your Zap now.

4. Zapier will ask your help to run a series of tests with the help of a recent visit in your Receptionist account. Check that the Zap is filtering the right information and sending any alerts correctly. Once you've completed the test, you can turn on your shiny new Zap.

5. Turn the Zap on and watch the integration work its magic. Now that you're a pro, browse through our Zap library for more time-saving templates, or start building your own. Happy Zapping!

Need more help figuring out how to set up a Zap template on your account? Watch some of our video tutorials below! You can also reach out to a member of our team using the orange live chat icon on the bottom right of the website for more help. 

The Receptionist and Zapier Video Tutorials


Learn how to use your Receptionist visitor fields and check-in questions to set up triggers in Zapier.


See how our Zapier Library's Twilio template can help you set up an automated Skype call notification when a visitor checks in.

Common Zapier & The Receptionist Questions

Zapier is an integration platform that makes it easy to connect software—no coding know-how required. Pass information between your web-based apps and have an event in one platform (like a check-in on The Receptionist) 'trigger' something on another app (like a Slack message to the guest's contact). Connect The Receptionist for iPad with any of the 2000+ available apps on Zapier by signing up for a Zapier account for your business!

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