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Take your visitor experience to a digital state

Automated visitor check-in

Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk so they can engage in more valuable activities.

Custom badge printing

Print customized visitor badges with name, photo, and employee host so you can easily identify who’s in your building and why.

Customized visitor experience

Create a unique check-in process for different types of visitors.

Two-way communication

Send a message back to the iPad from your computer or smartphone, so visitors are never left wondering what to do next. You can use preset responses or create custom ones.

Multilingual check-in options

Give your guests the option to display the app in the language of their choice with our unique, customizable language tool.

Multi-location management

Centrally manage all your company’s visitor management systems across multiple locations


Have a large-scale implementation or project with 5 or more locations?
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All plans include the following features:

Unlimited visitor check-ins

Cloud-based visitor log reporting

Delivery check-ins

Unlimited SMS and email notifications

Customizable buttons

Photo capture

Unlimited iPads per office location

Legal agreements

Badge printing

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