The Receptionist and Thriveworks

Put your practitioners and clients at ease with intuitive visitor management for your Thriveworks location.

We understand how stressful the waiting room of your Thriveworks clinic can become. For the patient walking in the door, does their counselor even know you are there for your appointment? Does the counselor know that their client has arrived? Or are they having to poke their head into the waiting room periodically to check?

When clients arrive for their therapy appointments, they may often feel anxious — especially if it’s their first visit. The last thing you want is your patients worrying even more about is the check-in process.

That's why many Thriveworks location already rely on The Receptionist for iPad for intuitive patient check-in. Relieve waiting room anxiety, ensure patient privacy, and keep your clients coming back with our visitor management solution.

“I can’t imagine not having it as part of our process. The value is strong and it is well worth the cost.” - Matt Matone, Thriveworks Counseling Co-Owner
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The Receptionist for iPad Features

Move on from paper logbooks, antiquated lighted status systems, or plain old guesswork. Take out all of that extra stress of receiving clients to your practice with a visitor management system like the Receptionist for iPad.

The top-rated digital front-desk solution for behavioral health professionals, our iPad-based application can quickly check-in visitors, notify their specific practitioner that they have arrived, and facilitate a two-way chat between patient and therapist before the appointment has even started. More benefits include:

From easy pre-registration to fast-tracking clients who have visited before, The Receptionist for iPad can automate many of your daily reception responsibilities so you and your team can take on the tasks that require a human touch, like making your clients feel welcome. 

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If you have any further questions about setup or visitor management at your location, get in touch with your Account Executive, Quinn Walsh, at or at (303) 954-8282 ext. 106.

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