Why go with The Receptionist
vs. Proxyclick?

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A quick shoutout to the team at Proxyclick

Our counterparts across the pond have clearly worked hard on a product that helps businesses streamline their front offices. We know a little something about what that takes, and if we're both on your shortlist for a visitor management system that helps protect your facility and improve your visitor experience, we count ourselves in good company.

So what’s the difference between The Receptionist and Proxyclick? There are some things that stand out when it comes to company culture, software features, and product details (which we’ll cover in a little bit), but...


The biggest difference is in our FABRIC.


An acronym representing our core values.

Our core values are built into our DNA as a bootstrapped software company. We’re driven to create meaningful, easy-to-use, impactful software for businesses large and small by putting people first.

We are proud of the fact that our growth has been fueled by our customers — that in delighting the people who’ve bought software, we continue to thrive without the need for outside investment.


We care about supporting our customers so much that we trademarked Radical Support®

From Day 1, The Receptionist team has prioritized an extraordinary customer experience as a central company value. We practice Radical Support®.

We make sure that each and every employee in the company has the skills and empathy required to help and interact with customers personally. Even our CEO, Andy, takes time to answer customer support chats on a regular basis.

We’re that serious about serving our customers.


Need more convincing?

That’s totally fine.

The rest of this page offers a handful of what we see
as the clear nuts and bolts differences between
The Receptionist for iPad’s offering vs. Proxyclick.

Top Reasons Why Companies Use
The Receptionist for iPad vs. Proxyclick

Reason #1

We don’t charge extra for features


In every pricing tier we offer, all of our customers get all of our features. Badge printing? Yep. Delivery notifications. Absolutely. NDA and Agreement signatures? Definitely.

Our pricing is as clear as we can possibly be, and we’re really not big fans of nickel-and-diming our customers.

In total transparency, the only exception to our pricing is that some customers in countries outside the US and Canada may pay a little extra fee for SMS text message notifications simply because the SMS fees are so much higher in those locations.


Reason #2

We don’t charge based on
the number of visitors you receive


It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly how many visitors your office will receive each day or each month. You might have a pretty good idea, but it’s always just a guess.

With pricing plans that charge based on the number of visitors, if you estimate too low, you might end up incurring unexpected costs if you exceed your limit. Estimate too high and you’re paying for more than you need.

With The Receptionist for iPad, our pricing requires no guesswork. We price based on the number of employees in the system that can receive a visitor notification. Simple and fair.

Reason #3

Two-way communication


Say you stepped away from your desk to go grab a coffee at the café down the street and your phone buzzes. Oh dang! Your visitor just checked in for your next meeting! What do you do?

With The Receptionist for iPad and our two-way communication feature, you can respond from your smartphone or computer back to your guest at the iPad kiosk and let them know to sit tight. You’re on your way! 

Would they like a coffee, too? You can ask them with a simple text message.

Whew! No more embarrassed apologies when you’re 10 minutes late, and no more visitors wondering if you forgot your meeting.


Reason #4

We fully support all of our customers,
no matter their plan


As previously mentioned, every single one of our customers gets the benefit of our commitment to Radical Support®.

No matter what pricing plan you’ve you’re on, if you need help, you can call us, email us, chat with us, or access our Support Portal. 

The last thing we want is for any of our customers to feel like we don’t want to interact with them and help them in any way possible, whether they’re a two-person therapy clinic of a 25,000-person tech company.

Reason #5

Customizable, button-based workflows


It doesn’t matter whether your business is large or small, not all visitors are the same, and their check-in experience should reflect the uniqueness of each person’s visit.

We offer the ability to create custom buttons and workflows to ALL of our customers, not just the big businesses who pay us more.

Every single Receptionist for iPad customer can create each visitor type’s ideal check-in experience to help your guests check in, check out, and be on their way as efficiently as possible.


So What's Next?


Whether you’re a Proxyclick customer or just happened to stumble on this page to learn more about Proxyclick alternatives, we hope you found this information helpful. If you're interested in learning more, let's have a conversation.

Or give us a try!
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