Setting up your Brother printer

Once you have your printer, just follow these steps to get it set up in no time! For more detailed instructions on how to add the Brother printer to your wireless network, please read Brother’s Instructions.

The materials (included with the printer)


1. The printer & labels

2. Black power cord

3. Grey USB cable



  1. Insert the labels and plug the printer in.
  2. Connect your printer to your computer with the USB cord.
  3. Visit the brother support page and download the Wireless Device Setup Wizard tool:
    1. Downloads page for the QL­710W
    2. Downloads page for the QL­720NW
  4. Follow Brother’s steps to install the driver AND the Wireless Device Setup Wizard driver. This will include selecting your Operating System so have that information handy.
  5. Find the folder named after your printer (either QL­720NW or QL­710W) and open the Setup Wizard application.
  6. Follow the instructions through the Setup Wizard and sign into your Wi­Fi. The code it asks for will be your Wi­Fi’s password.
  7. Check the “WiFi” light on the printer. If it’s green, it means you’ve connected to the Wi­Fi!
  8. Now go to your iPad. Touch and hold the top middle of the welcome screen for about 6 seconds. A confirmation login will appear:
  9.  img_0117
  10. Confirm your login, then your iPad will search for your printer:
  11. printer2
  12. Touch the screen to select and SAVE your printer. Once you confirm your printer, your iPad should look like the above. Now you can close those settings and test out your set up by signing in!
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