Can I register visitors prior to their arrival?

You can pre-load visitors into your iPad so that their basic information is stored and completed for them upon arrival. Visitors will find their pre-registration when the email they enter during check in matches the email you enter during pre-registration.

Start on your buttons page to the left of your account dashboard. Hover over and click to edit the button you would like to enable pre-registration for. Scroll down to the ‘Select Employee Contacts’ section and turn on ‘Pre-Register Visitors’. Don’t forget to save your button settings!

returning and prereg

Now that you have enabled Pre-Registration, navigate to your Visitor Log. This is where we will hold their check in until arrival.

Once you open your visitor log, you’ll now see ‘Register a Visitor’ in the top left corner.

pre register 1

If you have enabled visitor pre-registration on more than one button, your first selection when you click on ‘Register a Visitor’ will be which button you want to save this visitor for.

pre register 2

When you visitor arrives and enters an email address that matches one that was created during pre-registration they’ll be asked to confirm (continue with check in)  or edit their information. (New Visitor is the visitor’s first and last name in this case):


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