Receptionist in a Box

Our pre-built solution will get you up and running in minutes!
But you don’t have to buy hardware from us if you want to source and assemble it yourself.

Pick Your Style:

We have two options to meet the unique needs of your space.

Desk Stand

This is a great option for placing on a waist high or taller surface. It can be mounted directly to the surface to prevent theft, and has special security screws to keep your iPad safe.

Floor Stand

Don’t have a desk or surface near your entry? No problem! Use a floor stand and place it on any flat surface. This stand features security screws and can be locked via kenzington lock or mounted directly into the floor.

Black or White?

We offer black and white in both styles to fit your branding

What’s Included?

A Brand New Apple iPad

You will receive an Apple iPad 9.7″ in your chosen color that has been initially set up. All you need to do is download the app, log in, and you’re ready to start accepting visitors.


A solid and secure enclosure comes already assembled with your iPad installed ready to go.

Fully Assembled

The enclosure is fully assembled and ready to use out of the box. Your time is too valuable to spend looking for tiny screws lost in the carpet.

Mounting Hardware

If security is a concern, we include all the necessary mounting hardware to mount your desk or floor stand to a solid surface.

What About Badge Printers?

We offer the following printer options as add ons to our bundles if you plan to print badges for your visitors (not sold separately).

Brother QL-820NWB (recommended)

Prints badges in Black/White or Black/Red/White.
Connectivity: 802.1x WIFI, Ethernet, or Bluetooth
Setup: Can be done using onboard LCD and button interface or USB connection to Mac or PC (more complex)

Brother QL-810W

Prints badges in Black/White or Black/Red/White.
Connectivity: 802.1x WIFI
Setup: Requires USB connection to Mac or PC

Our Guarantee to You

Get even greater peace of mind knowing that if you don’t absolutely love The Receptionist for iPad software or our hardware offerings, we honor a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you get your hardware through our store, it is for purchase only and not for rent/lease. This is really about giving you control and peace-of-mind. By purchasing your iPad and equipment outright, there’s no need to worry about returning equipment in the future or higher-than-necessary monthly expenses because of rental or lease fees.

Rented or leased hardware artificially inflates your monthly price and costs you more over the life of your equipment.