Two-Way Communication

Communicate directly with your visitors upon check-in no matter where you are

Stop ghosting your visitors

Say you're away from your desk, stuck in a meeting that has run long, or even at a deli grabbing lunch, and, oh snap, your visitor has arrived for your next meeting! What do you do?

With The Receptionist for iPad, you'll not only automatically receive an SMS text, Slack message, or email notification that your visitor has arrived, but with our two-way communication feature, you can respond from your smartphone or computer back to your guest at the iPad and let them know you'll be right there.

Whew! No more sheepish apologies when you're 10 minutes late, and no more visitors waiting in the lobby not knowing when you'll show up to greet them.

  • chat responses
    Use preset responses or create custom ones

  • respond from phone
    Respond to your visitor right from your phone

  • Chat bubble
    Keep your visitors in the know

  • Notification
    Get visitor notifications wherever you are