Custom Buttons and Workflows

Create a visitor check-in experience as unique as the visitors you receive

The magic starts with the buttons

Not all visitors to your office or location are the same, and their check-in experience shouldn't be either.

You wouldn't ask the delivery driver dropping off a pizza the same questions as a job candidate stopping in for an interview. So why have them check in the same way?

The Receptionist for iPad features custom buttons and workflows to create each visitor's ideal experience, so you can ask check-in questions that are only relevant to each visit type, and your visitors can be in, out, and on their way.

  • Upload
    Upload your own button designs or choose from our library

  • Custom Questions
    Choose which questions and employees display per button type

  • Organize Flow
    Route visitors to the correct people based on their check-in type

  • Skip
    Avoid unnecessary or irrelevant questions for your visitors