The Receptionist for iPad Features Checklist

The Receptionist for iPad empowers you with all of the following features. And because we know office life is ever-evolving, all of our features are included at every pricing level.

Visitor Experience

Photo Capture

Take a picture of each visitor upon arrival

Contactless Check-In

Allow visitors and employees to check in and out without physically touching the iPad kiosk

Visitor Pre-Registration Notification

Notify pre-registered visitors of their appointment prior to arrival

Returning Visitor Expedited Check-In

Auto-populate returning visitor information during check-in

QR Code Check-In

Pre-registered or returning visitors can expedite their check-in with a QR code emailed to them and/or printed on a badge

Multilingual Check-In Options

Give your guests the option to display the app in different languages

ID Capture

Take a picture of each visitor’s identification

NDAs & Legal Documents

Present custom text, images, or YouTube video legal agreements to your visitors for their review

Signature Capture

Save digital signatures on agreements and legal documents

Two-Way Communication

Communicate back to visitors on the iPad through email, text message, or Slack


Show your visitors a safety or security video

Automatic Check-Out

Ensure data accuracy by automatically checking out visitors at the end of the day

Information Management & Data Security

Secure Hosting

Heroku hosting environment using Amazon Web Services

Cloud-Based Visitor Log

Access a record of your visitors from any Internet-enabled device, anywhere

Searchable Visitor Reports

Filter your visitor log by contact, button type, date, time, visitor name, or other custom fields

Unlimited Data Retention

Keep your data, forever. We will never purge your visitor log, but you can

Active Directory (via API)*

Maintain up-to-date employee contact information automatically


Share data that The Receptionist for iPad collects with other business programs

Zapier Integration

Use visitor data and actions to trigger events outside of the scope of The Receptionist for iPad in the business apps you use daily

Google Drive & Dropbox Integrations

Save and file signed copies of legal documents and agreements collected during the check-in process

Private Contacts

Set character limits on the employee lookup field to ensure your visitors can’t see an entire employee directory

Data Deletion & Incineration

Remove unwanted visitor log data permanently

Administrative Efficiency

Custom Buttons & Workflows

Create different buttons and notification workflows for each type of visitor you receive

Automatic Message Forwarding

Assign visitor notifications to a back-up colleague or group to ensure guests aren’t forgotten

Customizable Quick Replies

Save time by creating readily available responses to reply back to visitors

Mobile Compatibility

Check your visitor log on any mobile device

Bulk Contact Upload

Load and update your contacts via a CSV file

Visitor Pre-Registration

Enter visitor details in advance for known appointments and send visitors an email or calendar invite prior to their appointment that’s compatible with all email providers

Multiple Entrances

Set up multiple check-in points per physical location at no additional cost

Admin/Permission User Settings

Add unlimited administrative users to your account and set their access levels to make changes based on their roles

Multiple Location Management

Manage all of your Receptionist for iPad configurations across multiple office or building locations from one central hub

Employee Check-In/Out

Track employee check-ins and check-outs separately from visitor information

Unlimited Visitors

Only pay for the number of employees/contacts you put into the system

Visit Notes

Add extra details to a visitor's record that aren't part of your check-in flow

Branding & Design

Customized Look & Feel

Add your own logo, images, and welcome text to create a check-in experience unique to your business, no coding necessary

Multiple Tenants

Brand different companies individually and route visitors appropriately in a multi-tenant building

Department Listings

Group your employee contacts into departments for easier searchability

Configurable Badge Design

Our user friendly, drag-and-drop badge designer allows you to personalize your visitor badges without any coding knowledge required

Notifications & Alerts

Email Notifications

Receive an email when a visitor checks in

SMS Notifications

Receive a text when a visitor checks in

Slack Notifications

Receive a Slack message when a visitor checks in

Microsoft Teams Notifications

Receive a Teams message when a visitor checks in

Back-Up Notifications

Send visitor notifications to more than one person immediately or on a delay

Package Delivery Notifications

Specify contacts to be notified of deliveries

Visit Summary Email

Send visitors a summary of their visit to your office, including a copy of any signed agreements (if collected)

Broadcast Notifications

Send mass SMS alerts to visitors and employees at your location

Safety & Security

Badge Printing

Print a badge automatically upon check-in, with different badge designs for different visitor types

Photos on Badges

Print visitor photos on badges for easy identification

Active Visitor Dashboard

Know who is in the building at any moment in time

Emergency/Evacuation List

Access your live visitor check-in log from any Internet-ready device

Badge Reprint

Reprint copies of visitor badges from your dashboard via the visitor log

Confirm Citizenship

Require visitors to verify their citizenship to meet compliance standards

Thousands of companies choose our visitor management system to better connect with their guests:

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