The Receptionist for iPad Partner Program

Introducing a partner program that makes it easy to grow revenues, build stronger customer relationships, and increase customer satisfaction by providing a cloud solution for improving visitor management.

Offering your customers The Receptionist for iPad service, you’ll help them improve their image, employee productivity, security, and visitor experience.

Program Benefits

Greenfield Opportunities – Cloud-based Visitor Management is untapped and growing fast! Providing an automated visitor management service is an entirely new opportunity to generate increased revenues from existing customers or land entirely new ones.

Build Recurring Revenue – High value, easily on-boarded services that deliver you predictable revenue with consistent margin over the life of your customer.

Build Customer Relationships – Recommending The Receptionist provides a new way to provide value and deepen relationships with all of your customers.

Program Features

The Receptionist Partner Program is designed to be simple, easy, and profitable for partners looking to increase recurring revenue and expand customer relationships.

We’re Easy To Do Business With

Partner Benefits

The Receptionist Partner Program Options

Program features, benefits and margins are the same for all partners, but you can pick the billing option that best fits your business model.

  • Referral Billing – The Receptionist for iPad bills your customers and sends you a commission check every month.
  • Reseller Billing – You pay The Receptionist for iPad for all customer accounts at the wholesale rate and you bill your customers for the service however you want.

It’s the industry’s easiest partner program backed up by the best technology and customer service on the market.

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Still have questions about our Partner Program?

Please check out the answers to our Frequently Asked Questions, or feel free to send your question to, and we will do our best to answer your question as quickly as possible.

Visitor Management is the science and process of tracking and facilitating visitors to a business or location. The goal is to provide the most efficient and accommodating experience for your visitors while providing all necessary tracking, validation and notifications.
Yes. Authorized partners do receive a discount on The Receptionist’s services for themselves and their customers. In addition, all individual customer accounts with multiple locations receive discounts on the subscription charge of each location after the first. Additional discounts are standard for prepaid annual subscriptions and Receptionist-in-a-Box bundles.
Yes. There is basic online sales training that covers selling the features and benefits of The Receptionist over other service options, but the best sales training is to utilize the The Receptionist’s Sales on Demand (SoD) service. As you become more familiar with selling the The Receptionist service, the less you need SoD, but it’s always there for any selling situation.
Sales on Demand (SoD) is the name of The Receptionist’s program of providing experienced Receptionist sales professionals to assist partners with the sales process. There is no charge for this resource and it is available to any Receptionist partner in good standing. With SoD, you get a channel incentivized Receptionist sales representative to act as your Receptionist expert in any sales situation including online demonstrations. You will hear how they demo, handle objections and close the deal. You’ll always have control of the customer relationship.
No. Receptionist partners earn commissions for as long as the customer is a paying subscriber and your margin percentage does not decline overtime. The Receptionist team believes in the power of the channel relationships and believes partners should be compensated fairly in an ongoing manner for sharing those relationships.
No. You can resell iPads, display stands and badge printers from any source, however The Receptionist does provide bundle discounts and pre-configuration services on equipment purchased from The Receptionist, but there is never any requirement to buy equipment from The Receptionist.
No. iPad is a part of our name for a reason.
The Receptionist is designed to be easy, affordable and totally in the cloud. You and your customers get all service updates automatically through the cloud. Best of all, The Receptionist is a channel centric company
Yes. Receptionist partners always have pricing flexibility to their customers. The level of flexibility depends on how the account is being billed. If you are using Reseller billing, your cost from The Receptionist is always the same and you can bill your customer any way you want. If you are using Referral billing where The Receptionist bills the customer, you can only discount to a level no greater than your commission.
The Receptionist Service is subscription-based, billed monthly or annually and based on the number of employee contacts loaded per location. Discounts are available for multi-location customers, prepaid annual subscriptions or bundled with Receptionist-in-a-Box. Receptionist partners have additional cross-sell opportunities with iPads, display stands, and badge printers. Either source the hardware yourself or resell through The Receptionist.
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