What is The Receptionist for iPad? Modern productivity

  • Free up your front desk staff to do more than just push a clipboard towards your guests!
  • Get rid of those ugly sign-in sheets!
  • Impress your visitors with our modern and secure sign-in solution!

What sets us apart from our competition? We care

Please take a minute to read some of our reviews. See a common theme? We really care about our customers! We treat every customer exceptionally well, and we listen to their feedback to help make our product better. Speaking of our product…

Our Plans



per month per location
  • 1-24
    Employee Contacts

Pay $539 per year to get
one month free!



per month per location
  • 25-49
    Employee Contacts

Pay $1,089 per year to get
one month free!



per month per location
  • 50-99 
    Employee Contacts

Pay $1,639 per year to get
one month free!



per month per location
  • Unlimited
    Employee Contacts

Pay $2,739 per year to get
one month free!

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All plans include the following features:

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this meant to replace your receptionist?

No way! We recently wrote a detailed response to this very question. In short, we want to be your receptionist’s most valuable asset! We are certain there are other things going on in your office, and being tied to a desk is no one’s favorite responsibility. The Receptionist for iPad gives your Office Manager, Front Desk Person, Welcoming Committee, or “The Person Nearest the Door” freedom to tackle other tasks while we keep your entry area running smoothly.

Which tablets does The Receptionist for iPad work with?

We support any iPad that is able to run iOS 7.0 or higher. This includes the iPad Mini, iPad Mini 2, iPad 2, 3, 4, iPad Air, iPad Air 2, and iPad Pro.

Don’t already have an iPad that you can use? No problem! Our Receptionist in a Box can get you up and running quickly!

What’s the difference between the iPad application and the website?

The iPad is primarily used by your visitors to check-in. There are currently also a few additional settings that are accessible only from the iPad. To access them, touch the grey “Settings” icon on your iPad’s home screen, and then scroll the list of applications on the left until you find “The Receptionist” and select it. Settings like renaming screen headers, changing your privacy settings for visitors, and more will now appear on the right!

The website is used to manage your account, billing information, employee contacts, and visitor log details. You will also use the website to customize the visual appearance of the iPad application. Things like your logo, welcome message, and the available buttons can be configured there.

How do I manage my account?

Easy! Simply login using the email address and password you created when you signed up. Use the “Settings” menu at the top right of the screen to find all you need to change the time zone for your account, update billing information, and much much more!

How does billing work?

Painlessly! After adding SMS capabilities to your account (step 6 of setup), you can select your subscription plan and billing option–monthly or annual. Your credit card is only ever sent to our third-party, PCI-DSS Level 1 compliant billing partner, and, at the end of your 14 day free-trial, we will request our billing partner to charge the card on file to start your selected subscription.

How do my contacts get notified?

It’s up to you! We have the ability to notify your contacts when visitors arrive via email, SMS message, and even Slack. You can set up delays with each messaging preference, like, “Send me a text message immediately, but then an email 15 seconds later if I don’t respond.” You can even set up what we call “back up notifications” to other employees in case you’re away from your desk or out of the office.

Is support included?

You know it is! We want to show you how much we care, and the best way to do that is to be here when you need us. We believe that we have the easiest, fastest set up on the market. To prove it, we offer free unlimited support (even during your free trial) to answer any questions you have.

Have more questions? Need a custom solution? We’d love to help you out!
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