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Say goodbye to lobby anxiety

We’ve all experienced lobby anxiety. Maybe you’ve experienced it checking in for an important meeting, only to find an empty front desk in the lobby. Or maybe you’re the one in charge of the front desk, trying to juggle visitors and phone calls along with all of your other tasks.

We built The Receptionist for iPad to fight that anxiety. Our visitor management solution puts your company’s best foot forward by providing a sleek digital lobby check-in experience to everyone that enters your workspace. Here’s what check-in at your lobby will look like after installing The Receptionist for iPad:

Simplified visitor check-in

Check visitors in quickly, intuitively, and easily using The Receptionist for iPad app.

Gather guest information

Collect needed information from guests using our customizable, button-based workflows.

Send notifications to hosts

Notify each visitor's host that their guest has arrived with email, SMS, or Slack messages.

Promote human interaction

Chat with guests via our two-way communication to give them directions or tell them to sit tight.

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Thousands of companies choose our visitor management system to better connect with their guests:

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The Receptionist for iPad Key Features

Automated visitor check-in

Unshackle your administrative staff from the front desk so they can engage in more valuable activities.

Customized visitor experience

Create a unique check-in process for different types of visitors. Learn More

Delivery management

Instantly connect delivery drivers with recipients or provide drivers with further instructions.

Notifications via email, SMS, and Slack

Automatically notify employees when their visitors arrive via email, SMS and Slack.

Message forwarding and backup notifications

Forward visitor notifications to a colleague when you’re away, or set up backup notifications so your visitors are never kept waiting.

Multilingual check-in options

Give your guests the option to display the app in the language of their choice. Our unique language tool is customizable, so we can work with you to display the app in whatever language you choose. Learn More

Seamlessly integrate with all of your tools

Pass information between The Receptionist and your other business applications and use key actions to trigger events in other platforms using our Zapier integration

Active Directory

Active Directory

Add employee contacts to The Receptionist for iPad from your Active Directory to keep your staff contacts current.

Pre-registration and returning visitor recognition

Pre-register expected guests for an expedited check-in process. The Receptionist for iPad will also save visitor details so frequent visitors don’t have to start from scratch every time.

Improve your building security and compliance

Know who’s in your building at all times and ensure your visitor information is secure.

Secure cloud-based visitor log

Protect your visitor information from prying eyes with a secure digital visitor log.

Cloud Evacuation List for Emergencies

Evacuation list

Make sure everyone gets out safely in an emergency. The Evacuation List allows you to see all currently checked-in visitors, and then check their names off of the list after you confirm their safety.

Custom badge printing

Print customized visitor badges with name, photo, and employee host so you can easily identify who’s in your building and why. Learn More

Collect Digital NDAs

NDAs and legal agreements

Collect signatures on NDAs and other legal agreements and automatically save those agreements to the Visit Log and/or to Google Drive and Dropbox. You can also show visitors a safety or security video.

Digital Check In ITAR FSMA PCI Compliance

ITAR, C-TPAT, FSMA, and PCI compliance

Comply with industry regulations that require visitor tracking, visitor badges, and/or citizenship verification.

Reception Facial Recognition Software

Visitor facial recognition

Our software detects whether or not a visitor's face is in clear view of the frame so you can be sure you're capturing an accurate photo for security and / or badge purposes


Impress your visitors

Make a great impression on your visitors from the moment they walk in the door.

Check In Messaging Feature

Two-way communication

Send a message back to the iPad from your computer or smartphone, so visitors are never left wondering what to do next. You can use preset responses or create custom ones. Learn More

Online Receptionist Branding

In-app branding

Add your logo and own unique images, customize your message and welcome text, and brand your buttons so your visitors instantly connect with your brand. You can also include your logo on your visitor badges.

Looking for even more information about our product?

Download our Overview PDF that includes case studies of how customers use our digital check-in to calm the chaos of the front office.

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