Visitor management that’s on brand


The Receptionist for iPad will impress your visitors, eliminates distractions, and provide a personalized experience for everyone in your office.


As a tech company, you live and breathe all things digital. So why do you have that paper sign-in sheet at your front desk?

A cloud-based visitor management system helps you establish your brand image as a modern tech company the second someone walks in your door. With configurable workflows and two-way communication, The Receptionist for iPad will wow your staff and your visitors.

Plus, The Receptionist for iPad helps get rid of distractions so your engineering team can stay in the flow. It’s advanced visitor management for the companies advancing our world.

The Complete Guide to Visitor Management for Technology & Software Companies

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Some of the tech companies (besides us!) using The Receptionist for iPad:

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Install The Receptionist for iPad on an existing iPad, or get The Receptionist in a Box, which includes an iPad, a floor or desk stand, and the software pre-installed — everything you need to start accepting visitors.

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