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Increase efficiency. Reduce costs. Improve the visitor experience.

Coworking spaces are busy hubs of activity, where many different businesses and entrepreneurs circulate under the same roof with different goals and aspirations. That’s why so many coworking spaces already use a digital receptionist system to reduce noise and help streamline the check-in process for their visitors.

Specially designed and customizable with intuitive technology that perfectly suits the needs of coworking spaces large and small, a digital receptionist is a must-have to help manage visitors and create a remarkable first impression for your coworking office space.

How to Implement a Visitor Management System at your Coworking Space
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The Receptionist for iPad

The Receptionist for iPad is the best option for your coworking business—and its advanced coworking-compatible technology enables you to easily customize and automate a variety of different daily check-in processes. Ensure that all visitors to your coworking office space are quickly signed in and get where they need to go with an easy directory of the businesses that occupy your space.

The Receptionist for iPad will help you effectively manage your busy coworking space as well as showcase your tech-forward office. A professional and cutting-edge front desk solution coupled with improved efficiency, reduced costs, and fast-tracking of visitors makes The Receptionist for iPad a must-have for any coworking office, large or small.

Increase Efficiency. Reduce Costs. Improve the Visitor Experience.

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