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      "Great product! Received compliments of the ease and functionality from our guests." - Julie, PolyOne

      "The fact that you can tailor it to our business is awesome. The customer service is AWESOME!" - Meghan, Gordon Food Services

      "This product makes checking in visitors to our location easier then ever before." - Tonya, PaperWorks Industries

      "The most astounding and remarkable feature of The Receptionist is the customer service and support." - Ian, Autoneum

      "Continuously Impressive and reliable" - Struan, Argonaut Manufacturing Services

      "One of the best iPad Receptionist Programs out there!" - Stephanie, Marketing Coordinator DATIS

      "This is an Office Game Changer!" - Molly, Be Music

      "Simple, Effective and Great Price .. what more could we want?" - Kathy, Cirrus Logic

      "Great Addition to Our Office" - Kaitlyn, Another Option

iPad-based visitor management that removes outdated routines and makes a great first impression

Customized Experience

Unique workflows, check-in questions, and badge requirements for each visitor type.

Heightened Security

NDAs and legal agreements are signed and saved to the cloud at check-in.

Cloud-Based Archives

Store paperless visitor logs for on-demand reference, and produce evacuation lists during emergencies.

Two-Way Communication

Instantly connect visitors with their host through email, text message, or Slack.

Design Custom Badges

Print each visitor’s badge with unique ID information like photo, name, and host.

Location Management

Centrally manage your company's visitor management systems across multiple locations.

Looking for a turn-key visitor management solution?

Receptionist in a Box

The Receptionist in a Box comes with a sleek, fully-assembled kiosk (iPad included) so all you have to do is take it out of the box and turn it on.

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