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We know that for financial service providers like you, clients are king. Whether you work as a CPA, provide wealth management, assist with tax preparation, you need to provide customers in their appointments with your undivided attention. That sometimes means not being able to greet visitors at your office immediately.

That’s why many financial businesses utilize The Receptionist for iPad to provide peace of mind when it comes to their lobbies and manage both scheduled and walk-in customers. We're a front desk solution and visitor management system specially designed to take on the daily tasks of visitor check-ins and host notifications so that you can focus fully on the clients at hand to provide the service your business is known for.


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These financial firms trust our visitor management system to reduce front desk anxiety

  • Raymond James“Lennar“FirstNorthwestern Mutual

  • “Orion”“Fi3“Champion

The Receptionist for iPad Features

Move on from paper logbooks, clients waiting around in your lobby, and unnecessary interruptions to client meetings with a visitor management system like The Receptionist for iPad.

Our iPad-based application can quickly check-in visitors, notify their employee host that they have arrived, and facilitate a two-way chat between the two before the appointment has even started. More benefits include:

Save time. Streamline your firm. Ensure confidentiality.

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Receptionist in a Box

Install The Receptionist for iPad on an existing iPad, or get The Receptionist in a Box, which includes an iPad, a floor or desk stand, and the software pre-installed — everything you need to start accepting visitors.

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