Employee Check-In With The Receptionist for iPad

Know when your employees are on site, keep a record of key data, and help safeguard your workplace.

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Employee Check-In is more valuable than ever for your business. Knowing who is in the workplace will help you to limit capacity, contact trace if necessary, and ultimately keep your doors open. Use our contactless check-in feature on your employee buttons and further reduce risk of infectious disease transmission.

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Protect your team with employee check-in

An employee check-in policy is essential for taking quick action when issues arise. Fortunately, The Receptionist for iPad makes implementation easy with a customizable employee button. Enable contactless on your employee buttons and allow employees to answer questions and check-in remotely using QR code scanning or a unique URL, without needing to touch the iPad.

Say an employee tests positive for COVID-19 or another communicable illness. Do you have a way of knowing which employees they came into contact with?

The employee button enables both check-in and check-out for any team members that you specify. You can also assign 4 or 5 digit pin numbers for each person in order to prevent accidental check-ins. The process is quick and easy, and will help ease any worry your employees may have about coming back to work.

As your team members check in and out, your visitor log populates with date, time, and any other details that you specify. Your log can be filtered by searching a specific name, or by selecting a check-in date range.

iPad Employee Check-In

Protect your team. Limit Capacity. Ease anxiety.

Learn more about employee check-in by watching the video below!

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