Featured Business — K-TECHnologies

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It’s a tall order to design, manufacture, and assemble electronic and electromechanical products that absolutely cannot fail — but that’s exactly what K-TECHnologies has been doing since 1997. Located in Buffalo, NY, K-TECHnologies offers electronic manufacturing services for the military, transit, space, industrial, and medical industries. They also help companies move efficiently through the complex new product introduction process. Companies … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Business — K-TECHnologies

Featured Business — Mecaer America

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Mecaer America, a division of Mecaer Aviation Group, is located in Laval, Québec, Canada. Mecaer designs and manufactures hydraulic and mechanical systems and components for the aerospace market. Its products include flight controls, landing gears, actuators, dampers, valves, and power modules. The company designs, manufactures, and provides in-service support for the light- and medium-sized business jet and helicopter markets. Because … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Business — Mecaer America

Featured Customer — Riverside EpiCenter

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The Riverside EpiCenter, located in the Atlanta metro area, is a bustling event center that serves to inspire and empower the local community. The space spans a massive 113,000 square feet, containing the Bronner Center for the Performing Arts, a sound recording studio, and even a bowling alley and an arcade! Managing the flow of clients and customers in a … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Customer — Riverside EpiCenter

Featured Customer — Luno

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The future of currency is changing, and Luno is at the forefront of that transformation. Luno launched in 2013 as a way for people to safely and easily buy, sell, store, and trade Bitcoin, a form of digital currency that doesn’t degrade and is impossible to counterfeit. Bitcoin is available to anyone, anywhere, even those without access to formal banking … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Customer — Luno

Featured Customer – Denver Public Schools

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Denver Public Schools’ (DPS) Emily Griffith Campus is constantly brimming with activity. It gets anywhere from 500 to 800 visitors per day. In fact, the only building in Colorado that gets more visitors is the capitol building! The campus is the DPS administration headquarters and also houses three schools, so security is a major priority. However, before they had a … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Customer – Denver Public Schools

Featured Customer — Eclipse Screen Printing

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Have you ever wondered how your microwave buttons work? Ask Eclipse Screen Printing, a company that has specialized in technical screen printing for the past 22 years. They print the membrane switch that you use every time you heat up your leftovers or make microwave popcorn. Located in Spokane Valley, Washington, Eclipse Screen Printing is a small but mighty business … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Customer — Eclipse Screen Printing

Featured Business — America’s Health Center

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The cost of running a healthcare business continues to rise, making it difficult for providers to offer affordable services and still make a living. This situation prompted Nick Porterfield to develop a way to help healthcare providers reduce their office costs. Earlier this year, Porterfield and his business partner opened America’s Health Center in Gilbert, Arizona. The center functions as … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Business — America’s Health Center

Featured Business – Salem Christian Homes

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A distinguishing feature of many of our customers is that they care passionately about helping others. That’s certainly true of the non-profit organization Salem Christian Homes. In the 1960s, there weren’t many educational opportunities available for people with developmental disabilities. To better serve this population, several dairy families in Bellflower, CA, came together and founded a school. Then, in 1977, … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Business – Salem Christian Homes

Featured Business – Fixt

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Luke Cooper loves convenient and efficient solutions. That’s why he founded Fixt, an on-demand mobile device repair service. If you have a problem with your phone or tablet, a technician will come to your home or office, fix the problem, and return your device as good as new in under two hours. (They even replace cracked screens — raise your … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Business – Fixt

Featured Manufacturing Business – Optimum Design Associates

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Bay Area-based Optimum Design Associates is a sophisticated printed circuit board design and assembly company whose client list includes Honeywell, Boeing, Intel, Applied Materials, and other tech firms on the leading edge of their respective markets.   Being an industry leader means optimizing all aspects of your organization. Up until the summer of 2014, Optimum Design had an unmonitored lobby … Read More

Krista GarverFeatured Manufacturing Business – Optimum Design Associates