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Be your workplace's safety hero

Discover how our brand-new Broadcast Notifications feature can join other visitor management safety tools to create a workplace safety plan that's villain-proof.

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Grab your cape and get ready for a full rundown of the safety tools you need to protect your front desk.

Your workplace has an obligation to keep everyone on site as safe as possible—whether they're a full-time employee, a contractor, or a guest visiting for the day. In this live demo, we'll take you through using visitor management to proactively strengthen security and safety in your office.

We also know that despite our best efforts, unpredictable and unprecedented events can threaten your airtight safety protocols. That's why the demo also dives into our brand-new Broadcast Notifications feature that allows you to communicate with everyone on location (or at all of your sites) quickly and securely. Watch a recording of that demo below to learn more, including a rundown of situations where a Broadcast Notification could come in handy!

Watch the full demo covering Broadcast Notifications, and some of The Receptionist's other key safety tools, below.

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Michael Ashford Host Visitor Management Demo

Michael Ashford

Director of Marketing

Tom Foster Office Management Visitor Management Demo Host

Tom Foster

Director of Sales

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