What’s a Check In Day, and why do we think they’re so awesome?

We love to do things radically different here at The Receptionist.

Whether its giving you a behind-the-scenes look of our search for a Director of Sales on our podcast or trademarking the phrase Radical Support® (more on that in an upcoming blog), we’re constantly looking for new, creative, and against-the-grain methods to get our jobs done.

Which is why this year, when we started to think about the time we’d be spending away from the office during the holidays, we paused and wondered if there was a way the whole team at The Receptionist could all enjoy the time off but still make sure we upheld our commitment to provide our customers and future customers an amazing experience with us.

And as such, “Check In Days” were born.

What is a Check In Day?

There are a few times throughout the year where we have all-staff meetings, or we take special days off as a company, or we give our employees additional time to spend with the family around holidays like Christmas and New Years.

On these days, we know we won’t be able to be as responsive to things like support requests or sales inquiries as we normally are. But we want to make sure that we are as supportive as possible, so, we “Check In” and make sure things are still going smoothly.

With a Check In Day, we set the expectation with everyone who reaches out to us that while our responses may be delayed, we absolutely will respond to each and every request or question we receive and see that it is fully resolved. On our Check In Days, a member of The Receptionist team will check in twice a day for an hour to answer support chats, to respond to any requests for more information, or to address any other issues that require our attention or assistance. See more details on our Support Portal.

Will it work? We think so. We worked in the same way last year and throughout our staff meetings this year; we’re just formalizing our processes and being radically transparent with you on how we do things during these special days. So you tell us, how’d we do?

Now, we’re going to enjoy the last week of 2018 and welcome 2019 in with some much needed time off.

We’re not checking out. We’re checking in!

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