Visitor management system simplifies life for Holistic Consultation and its clients

As technology becomes evermore prevalent in our daily interactions, ensuring a level of care and ease for customers, guests, and visitors has never been more top-of-mind for many business leaders.

For Beth Sertell, Executive Director and Clinical Mental Health Therapist at Holistic Consultation in Columbus, Ohio, she believes using technology to only serve the business’s needs is a fruitless endeavor.

“Our backend processes mean nothing if we’re not best serving our clients,” she says.

In mid-2019, this reality was becoming increasingly obvious at Holistic Consultation when it came to the initial moments a client entered the office for an appointment with a therapist.

The counseling practice had been using a sign-in paper with removal tabs to check in arriving clients.

As business grew and staff needs changed, the manual visit check-in procedures started to become inefficient when it came to things like updating insurance information or notifying therapists that a client had arrived.

So Sertell started looking for a digital front desk solution, and a colleague recommended The Receptionist for iPad.

Time-saving benefits apparent right from the start

Once she began exploring how The Receptionist for iPad’s visitor management system worked, it didn’t take long for Sertell to see the benefits the software would bring to both her business, the 18 therapists on staff, and the clients.

“It came so highly recommended that my intention was to start a trial and try it for a month or two,” Sertell says, “but within two days, we were 100-percent sold.”

Being that both of Holistic Consultation’s locations are near the Ohio State University campus, clientele updates happen frequently. The ability to ask custom, always required questions of each visitor — like if their address, billing, or insurance has changed — has been a time-saving benefit to the staff. Not to mention the automatic notifications therapists receive once a client has checked in.

As for the clients? Sertell says the response has been overwhelmingly positive. 

“The system simplified procedures in a way that touched every aspect of our business,” Sertell says. “But the bottom line is: It doesn’t even matter if it streamlined our internal processes, the clients love it. Clients come in and they say, ‘Ooh, this is so user friendly and welcoming, this is so convenient.’ It’s wonderful to see their reactions to the system.”

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