Bimbo Canada visitor check-in area

Visitor management system dishes up sweet check-in experience for Bimbo Canada

Managing the hundreds of visitors that Bimbo Canada welcomes each week to its numerous offices dispersed all across Canada used to be a daunting task for Caitlyn Bannister.

Bannister is the Facilities and Leasing Coordinator for Bimbo Canada, a manufacturer and distributor of breads and other baked goods and salty snacks as part of the multinational Grupo Bimbo company. After many of their locations opted to no longer staff a full-time receptionist at the front desk, Bannister said there was still a need to keep track of visitors and notify employees of a guests’ arrival.

Enter The Receptionist for iPad.

“At a lot of our locations, especially the ones where we don’t have a full-time receptionist anymore, The Receptionist became our check-in point,” Bannister said. “Because of the simplicity of the system and the backend, I can send it out to any of our locations, and they can easily set it up and manage it for their facilities needs.”

Case in point: some locations simply offer guest check-ins and check-outs, where employees are immediately notified once a visitor checks in. At other locations, in addition to handling check-ins and check-outs, The Receptionist for iPad is set up to route deliveries, contractors, and guests without appointments to the appropriate staff member through unique workflows.

And thanks to The Receptionist for iPad’s customization tools, for the offices in French-speaking locations, the system has been set up to display in French to give guests a more seamless experience.

“It’s a very easily managed and cost-saving tool for the company,” Bannister said. “It’s very intuitive, very simple, and overall a great service.”

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