Feature Release: Stay on top of your workplace with visit notes

The Receptionist’s extensive list of visitor management features has a brand new addition: visit notes! 

Customers across industries have asked us for a way to append specific visits in their visit log with extra information beyond the data collected during the check-in process. Visit notes allow you to do just that! 

Visit notes for the info your business needs

Simply click on a visit event in your visit log, add any notes your business might want to keep on hand— which key fob they checked out, for example — and that info will be attached to the visit and stored securely in your log for you to refer back to or use for data auditing purposes down the line.

The Receptionist visit notes example

The uses for our new notes feature are as wide and varied as the customers that use our visitor management software. For example, your business can pair notes with our visitor assignment functionality to see who on your team met with a particular visitor, what plans were discussed and any necessary follow-up items.

Maybe your workplace sees frequent returning visitors — you can use notes to track important changes or highlights from each visit. For example, healthcare providers can note a patient’s insurance change on a specific date to keep the billing department in the know.

Take note any time during a visit

Visit notes are stored in your log per each specific visit and can be added anytime during the process, which means your business can get as creative with them as the moment requires. Mark pre-registered visitors with info your team should know before their visit, or leave a note to your front desk team that they shouldn’t be allowed in the building. Or, if you are a coworking space or taking advantage of a hotdesking system, see who’s coming in ahead of time and pre-assign desk numbers for the day to save the morning headache. 

To learn more about visit notes, who can add and edit them, and where to find them in your log, head over to our support article for a deeper dive. 

If you have questions about our newest feature or want some help navigating it on your dashboard, don’t hesitate to reach out! You can find us anytime using our live chat feature from the orange button in the bottom-right of your admin portal. Even if you’re raring to go with visit notes and don’t need help, we’d love to hear from you on what you’re planning. Or just send us your favorite dog GIF. We’re not picky.

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