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Using a Visitor Management System at Your Chiropractic Office

As some spine surgeons say, “once you’re part of the bad back club, you can never cancel your membership.” Perhaps that’s one reason why chiropractic offices are so busy! A Gallup poll found that, as of 2018, more than 35 million Americans had seen a chiropractor for back or neck pain in the preceding 12 months. 

As a busy chiropractic office, you see many visitors come through your door: mostly patients, of course, but also delivery people, job applicants, and others. As patients (and their privacy) are your primary concern, you want to ensure a seamless check-in experience.

If you’re the sole doctor in your practice, you might not be able to greet every patient as soon as they walk in the door. And if there’s no one at your front desk, they might wonder:

  • Am I in the right place?
  • Am I too late/early for my appointment?
  • Will my doctor even know I’m here? 

That’s not the customer experience you want them to have.

How a Visitor Management System Fits into Your Practice

The answer? A visitor management system (VMS). A robust VMS can help improve the customer experience you deliver in the following ways:

Provide a secure way to check in

Paper logbooks used to be the standard way to record patient arrivals…but today, with so many other options, it’s not the best way. These types of records aren’t easy to use but are easy to lose. 

A VMS acts as a digital visit log that’s only accessible to designated users and provides a sense of security. It also allows you to track who was in your office today, last Tuesday, or August of 2022 (for example), allowing you to easily maintain insight into your visitor data.

Ensure patient privacy

With paper, privacy goes out the window (and the paper might, too, if there’s a strong wind). 

A few of your patients may not mind if the visitors after them know they were in your office, but most likely do. 

The Receptionist for iPad allows admin users to customize the check-in process, which means only gathering the information that’s absolutely necessary – first name or initials only – in order to maintain HIPAA compliance. 

Improve customer experience

Not every business has someone at the front desk at all times. This could be because no one is on staff to fulfill that role or because the person who sits there has other duties that may take them away from the desk at times. 

So when a new patient arrives and no one is at the front desk to greet them, a VMS near the entrance will direct them to check in. The system will then inform them that their doctor has been notified of their arrival, so the patient can have peace of mind that they’re in the right place and that someone knows they’re there. This helps you ensure greater retention through customer service. 

A Tool for Success

These days, an increasing number of people are familiar with and expect to encounter technology solutions when they walk into a business. A VMS isn’t meant to replace human interaction but an augmentation of the great service you’re already providing to your customers. When customers consistently have positive interactions with your business, they’re more likely to keep choosing you.  

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