Unique check-in options help U-Turn Sports Performance Academy manage growing visitor needs

Within the walls of the Richmond, Virginia-based U-Turn Sports Performance Academy exists a multi-faceted and fast-paced ecosystem.

As the name suggests, youth sports development is a major focus for the organization. However, U-Turn’s facility also serves as an event space and as a non-profit incubator. On top of that, a church also calls the U-Turn building home.

With so many different activities and events bringing in loads of visitors each day, imagine trying to keep track of it all using nothing more than a paper sign-in sheet at the front desk.

The search for a digital visitor management system

That’s the situation Khiry Cooper found when he began as the Activities and Events Director at U-Turn in January 2019.

“When I came in, I knew I wanted to change the way we were checking in visitors,” Cooper said. “My background before that was in aviation management, and when you work in the airline industry, security is huge. Our building is pretty massive, and most people don’t know where to go, and we needed a system that was easy to use but that we could also customize to our needs as we grew.”

After testing out and trying several different visitor management systems, Cooper and the U-Turn team found what they were looking for in The Receptionist for iPad.

Customizable options to scale as growth scales

With The Receptionist’s button-based navigation and the ability to set different check-in and notification workflows for each visitor type, each of the organizations existing under the same U-Turn roof could create their own unique visitor check-in experience.

So whether someone was there to meet with staff at the church, or to chat with a member of the U-Turn team about renting event space, or to play in the weekly Friday night Futsal games, their check-in experience, as well as the subsequent ability for the U-Turn staff to understand who was in the building and why at all times, was a major victory for Cooper.

We love how easy it is to navigate,” Cooper said. “Customers like it. Tenants love it. We love being able to put each company and the individual people in each company in there for visitors to see. 

“We’re expanding as an organization, and it was great that we found something that could expand with us as we grow our space and get more tenants. With other systems, they capped you. With The Receptionist, we can expand and have it not look too cluttered.”

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