Thriveworks Counseling & Coaching seamlessly switches to The Receptionist for iPad

Thriveworks Counseling and Coaching co-owner Matt Matone’s process to find a simple and effective way to check in clients and notify staff that a guest had arrived was a winding journey.

Matone initially had video cameras installed in the lobby so that clinicians could log in to see if their client had arrived. But glitches in the video system didn’t allow multiple logins and would often kick out clinicians that were waiting on their next appointment to arrive.

After that, the Thriveworks team went manual. The clinicians would walk to the lobby to peek around the corner to see if a client was there—not exactly a great use of time.

Matone then installed a visitor management system, only to discover that not all solutions are created equal. With several Thriveworks locations occupying multiple suites in the same office building, the system had trouble scaling to meet Matone’s client check-in needs.

So Matone set out to find a permanent solution for his growing practice and found it when he landed at

“I started chatting with one of the specialists on the website, and they had me set up within an hour,” Matone said. 

“The person I chatted with did a fantastic job — answered me quickly. It was clear it wasn’t a bot. She had personality in her answers. I switched like that. I was using [The Receptionist] in a single day and there was no impact to my business.”

Thriveworks finally concluded the journey to solve its visitor management challenges. Matone alerted the staff that they would now be using The Receptionist for iPad, and the team immediately felt the positive results. 

“It was seamless,” Matone said. “We’ve had less confusion about which suite the client is in. The user interface makes it super simple for the client to find their clinician, regardless of what suite they walk into.

“I can’t imagine not having it as part of our process. The value is strong and it is well worth the cost.”

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