AeroCRS Covid-19 Compliance Featured Business Story

The Receptionist for iPad helps Israel-based AeroCRS rapidly comply with new COVID-19 regulations

It’s safe to say 2020 has been a year of the unexpected. The COVID-19 pandemic has meant new regulations, new practices, and new challenges for every business.

AeroCRS, a SaaS company that provides end-to-end software solutions for the transportation industry, was no different. Based in Tel Aviv, Israel, AeroCRS faced new regulations with which they had to comply once they opened their doors to visitors and employees again.

New national guidelines required all workplaces to record visitor and employee arrivals, and anyone entering had to fill out a questionnaire that assessed their risk factors for COVID-19 transmission, including a temperature check and travel history. 

Before COVID-19, AeroCRS had no system in place to check-in employees or visitors and was not keeping any records related to their guests. They needed to act fast to find a way to follow these regulations and keep their office open. 

Meir Hadassi Turner, CEO of AeroCRS, turned to a Google search to find a solution that would keep the company in line with the new regulations. One visitor management system, in particular, seemed to fit his requirements: The Receptionist for iPad. 

Easy setup and transparent pricing set The Receptionist apart

“The Receptionist,” Turner said, “was one of the only solutions that allowed a quick setup, fast deployment, and had a clear pricing structure on their website.”

Turner noted other visitor management systems he evaluated required a complicated setup and did not clearly disclose pricing. In evolving times, where businesses must respond quickly to changes and stay on budget, those two factors are more important than ever.

AeroCRS configured their Receptionist for iPad account to use the Agreements feature on both employee and visitor check-in buttons. When someone checks in, the system prompts visitors to fill out a ‘health declaration’ that aims to reduce the risk of COVID-19 spread in the workplace and also obtains a signed record of their agreement to maintain certain social distancing and sanitizing practices. All questions and agreements come directly from their government regulations, and The Receptionist for iPad allows AeroCRS to keep a record of each visitor and employee should there be a need for contact tracing. 

Additionally, once a visitor completes the agreement and checks in, the contact they are visiting is notified of their arrival, reducing unnecessary contact between visitors and employees that they are not there to see.

The Receptionist for iPad provided AeroCRS with a quick and straightforward solution to an unpredictable challenge and allowed the company to focus on providing stellar service and products to their customers rather than scrambling and putting unnecessary effort into building their own solution to follow COVID-19 guidelines.

As Turner noted, “instead of using outdated forms or the need to build a specific app, The Receptionist holds all the necessary features we needed.” 

If you’re looking to provide some stability to your office in these ever-evolving times, start a free trial of The Receptionist for iPad and see how we can help you stay safe now and in the future.

Additionally, learn more about our newest contactless check-in features by watching a live demo here.

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