Company Culture

Company Culture and Dealing with PND Syndrome

Michael Ashford

Company Culture and Dealing with PND Syndrome

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Positive company culture is critical for your employees and customers. Learn about the values and culture of The Receptionist and dealing with PND Syndrome.

Press Release: TextUs.Biz Unveils ‘Receptionist in a Box’

BOULDER, Colo., Sept. 23, 2013 — In this post-recession economy companies are forced to maximize value from their full-time employees. One position that is increasingly difficult to justify is the receptionist. Many companies simply cannot afford one and others simply choose to go without. Faced with empty front desks to greet visitors, busy staffers get tasked with figuring out how to connect …

Are you suffering from PND syndrome?

Does your desk happen to be the one nearest the main door to your office?  You know, that awkward location where every visitor looks to you as the office receptionist? You’ve seen it a thousand times: the visitor hesitantly turns to you hoping that you’ll point them in the right direction. Do you sometimes pretend to be in the middle …