Now Available: Single Sign-On (SSO) Support!

The Receptionist team is delighted to announce that we now support Single Sign-On (SSO) integration! SSO allows your users to bypass the login step for The Receptionist for iPad and use a single set of credentials (i.e. username and password) from a third-party Identity Provider (IdP), like Google or Azure AD, to log in to our application. 

SSO removes the need for your employees to remember a separate set of login credentials and simplifies the process of adding or revoking access to our software by requiring them to use only one IdP to authenticate and sign in to your SSO-supported business applications — like us! 

SSO support is an additional service for The Receptionist accounts and will come with an associated fee. We can support integration with any identity provider that uses either SAML or Open ID protocols, and you can add multiple verified domains to help your employees log in to The Receptionist for iPad. 

Once you’ve worked with our team to get access, Account Owners can activate the SSO add-on through your admin’s Integrations page, which will help walk you through the setup steps to activate the integration. 

For a thorough walkthrough of SSO setup, head to our support article here

Once you have activated SSO, your users can see a dedicated SSO link on their sign-in page. They can then authenticate their account through one of your approved domains and sign into their existing User account. If an employee uses SSO to log in to The Receptionist for iPad and doesn’t already have a User account in our system, we will create a new one for them under ‘Receptionist’ role permissions and assign them to all locations. 

If you would like to add SSO functionality to your account, get in touch with our team! We can also help with any questions you have about the cost or functionality and whether it’s a good fit for your organization. Chat with us live using the orange button in the bottom-right of our website or your Receptionist admin portal, send an email to [email protected], or call us at 888-315-5230.

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