Satellite manufacturer LeoStella discovers easier, more secure check ins with The Receptionist for iPad

Many of us have been in that awkward situation where we walk into a new business or office for the first time, and we’re not sure where to go or what to do.

Having a friendly face at the front desk to welcome visitors along with a check-in system to make sure their arrival has not gone unnoticed are great ways to put minds at ease.

But what about that person on the other side of the front desk? What about their first days on the job?

Who sits where? Where should visitors go? Who is everyone?

Those were the daily questions Dionna Anstedt faced when she started her role at the front desk of Spaceflight Industries.

“When I got hired on, it was my first experience working the front desk for a company. We had about 80 people there and when I first started, I didn’t know anyone. I wouldn’t even know who to go grab when a visitor came in to see someone.”

Thankfully, the company had implemented The Receptionist for iPad visitor management system in 2015 to automate its visitor check-in process.

When LeoStella, LLC, a satellite manufacturer and a wholly owned affiliate of Spaceflight Industries, Inc. and Thales Alenia Space, opened its new office in January 2018 and Anstedt started as the Office Manager, she quickly moved to install The Receptionist for iPad at the front desk to ease the hectic nature of trying to figure out everything all at once. When a visitor checks in, the person they have come to see is automatically notified, and the visitor is printed an ID badge.

“I feel like I’m here to make visitors comfortable and make them feel welcome — let them know they’ll be taken care of,” Anstedt said. “The Receptionist frees up a lot of time so I don’t have to spend every second watching the door and making sure they check in, and then bringing them to the person they’re there to see. It frees up a lot of my time and removes worry for visitors, and I appreciate that.”

Not only does The Receptionist for iPad help Anstedt focus more on making people feel comfortable upon entering the LeoStella offices, but it also helps the company meet security and compliance standards when it comes to safely tracking visitors’ whereabouts.

All non-U.S. citizens must be escorted through the facility at all times, so during the check-in process, visitors verify their citizenship, which is then printed on their badge to make them easily identifiable to employees.

“It’s made my job a lot easier,” Anstedt said. “I don’t have to worry about someone coming in and not feeling welcomed. I know a lot of people might have anxiety about going to a new place, and the system puts them at ease, and having their information printed on their badge in a very visual way helps us understand very quickly who they are, where they’re from, and if we should escort them through the facility.”

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