Announcing Receptful: Visitor Management for Enterprise Manufacturers!

It’s a very special day! Today’s announcement has been years in the works, and we’re so excited to share it with you!

The Receptionist for iPad team is proud to announce the launch of a brand new visitor management software solution explicitly designed for global, multi-location enterprise manufacturers: Receptful!

Through our years of experience building amazing visitor experiences with The Receptionist for iPad, we have come to understand the unique needs of the enterprise manufacturing market when it comes to accepting visitors at its facilities. For example, it must maintain strict security protocols to protect intellectual property and adhere to regulations like ITAR, CTPAT, FSMA, EAR, and more to remain in operation. Their visitor strategy needs to accommodate a wide variety of visitors — corporate visits, temporary contractors, and potential partners — across global facilities, many of which will have more than one entry point. 

While The Receptionist for iPad is already a wonderful fit for many of our customers, we recognized that there are areas where traditional visitor management systems can fall short when it comes to the unique needs of those manufacturers. Enter Receptful! The system will help your team:

  • Track and protect employee and visitor activity data across multiple global locations from a centralized admin dashboard
  • Create customized access levels and roles tailored to your business and the employees who will be using Receptful so you can ensure your team only has access to the information they need to see
  • Build conditional logic into your check-in process so you can gather exactly the information you need from each individual visitor and why they are at your facility
  • Maintain compliance with key internal and external regulatory requirements with a robust and secure digital visit log for all of your facilities 
  • Integrate a standardized visitor management process seamlessly with the tools you already use to protect and run your business, including watchlists and RFID badges for tracking within your facilities

If you know The Receptionist, you know we love a live demo. So, in honor of this special release, we’re hosting an exclusive launch demo for Receptful. Join us on June 12th, 2024, at 10:00 AM MT to see both the back and front end of Receptful in action and discover if you’re a fit for the new platform. 

Register for the Receptful Launch Live Demo

If you’d like a personalized demo of our brand-new software built to meet your specifications, don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated Sales Development Representative for Receptful, Andrew Minder, via email at [email protected], or give him a call at 720 432 4923. You can also book time directly with him on his calendar

For current and potential customers of The Receptionist for iPad – don’t worry. We want to assure you that this release won’t affect the service you’ve come to expect from us or the quality of our first visitor management product. We’re still wholly dedicated to providing all of our users with Radical Support™ and maintaining and upgrading The Receptionist for iPad application so you can provide amazing visitor experiences at your office. You can expect continual updates and feature releases, like our recent Check-Out Reminders and Group Pre-Registration announcements, to help you and your guests breathe easier at the front desk. 

If you have any questions or concerns about Receptful—or just want to share in our excitement—get in touch with us! We’ll be happy to address them and provide more information about Receptful and why we built it. 

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