Psychology and Wellness Group PDX Makes the Most of Their Time with The Receptionist for iPad

Between clients, therapists have only a few minutes to use the restroom, get a drink of water, or answer an email. Also, it must be said that being a therapist can be extremely mentally taxing, so those few minutes between sessions can be a precious time to take a deep breath and prepare for the next client. 

That’s why The Receptionist for iPad works so well for Psychology and Wellness Group PDX and owner Stephanie Snow. The Receptionist for iPad integrates with their VoIP system and allows the clinicians a moment to take care of a few things without having to constantly peek out into the waiting room to see if their next appointment has arrived. 

“That’s why I tried The Receptionist; it can ping the therapist when their client gets here,” said Stephanie.

When she initially signed up for The Receptionist, Stephanie’s practice didn’t have anyone sitting at the front desk. Even though that has since changed as the practice expanded into two locations and more than a dozen therapists and staff members, clients know to go straight to the iPad to check in for their appointments, leaving the front desk worker ample time to focus on other tasks around the office. 

Being mindful of mental states

Stephanie is also cognizant of the fact that people aren’t always interested in chatting with someone at the front desk when they come in for a therapy appointment. When people walk into a building to see their therapist, they usually have a lot on their minds. They might be having a bad day, be in a poor mental state, or simply be focused on what they want to discuss with their therapist. 

Using The Receptionist for iPad, clients are able to bypass a potentially awkward or unwanted conversation with a staff member and shift their attention to their upcoming appointment. Since the clients are accustomed to checking in on the iPad, the front desk employee knows not to bother them if they do not want to be engaged in a conversation. 

Using technology to better serve clients

Stephanie recalls an office she worked in previously that was set up with an analog notification system. Clients could press a button on the wall to notify their therapist they had arrived. A light would then begin to flash in the therapist’s office to alert them. “Sometimes people would come early…and the light would be flashing for 20 minutes.” This created stress and took attention away from the client sitting across from her. While she liked that system, she explained, “For me, this is a better option than pushing the button on the wall.”

Now that they have The Receptionist for iPad, clinicians at Psychology and Wellness Group PDX have more time and less stress between appointments and don’t have to worry about potentially missing the arrival of their next client.  

“All of it is cost-effective,” she said, “and I don’t have to stand in the lobby.”

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