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The Receptionist’s Stance on Working Remotely

Michael Ashford

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The Receptionist's Stance on Working Remotely

President and CEO, Andy Alsop, is back with us to talk about working remotely. Did you know that Andy spends half of his time in Sante Fe? So, when the boss is working remotely part-time, you know that’s going to impact the company’s stance on remote work.

How The Receptionist Ended Up In Denver

When Andy first took over The Receptionist, the company was based in Boulder, CO. At the time, the company consisted of him and one other person so the decision to make the move to Denver wasn’t complicated for the company. Andy wanted to build the company in Denver and they set up at Industry Coworking Space, which is where they continued to grow.

Remote Working Welcome, for the Right People

As they company grew and Andy brought on more employees, he knew that hiring the right people was critical to their company. So, when Jessica Marshall, Director of Customer Experience, was hired, she lived about 45 minutes from Denver- Andy didn’t want to lose her by asking her to be in the office all the time, and he knew that it wasn’t necessary for her to do her job well.

Now, the norm has become that when Andy is in Denver, the team is too- coming into the office for meetings and check-ins. But, when Andy is in Sante Fe, the team can work from where they want. He knows that he hired people who know how to work well remotely but they also like to be around each other and understand the importance of coming together at times, so there’s no formal policy in place about these practices.

A new development at The Receptionist is that one of their employees, Ryan Wedig, iOS Developer, has relocated to California. Again, Andy knew that he had the right person on his team already so it was important to him to that they support his move. We talk about the considerations needed when your local employee shifts to having a fully remote employee.

Working remotely works for the team members at The Receptionist, in large part because of who those team members are. Employees feel fortunate to work together and also that they can work from where they want to when Andy is in Sante Fe- it’s a great set-up that Andy sees working out long-term for the company.

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