What About Our Rivals?

Michael Ashford

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What About Our Rivals?

We’ve shifted perspectives on a number of areas recently, and one of those relates to our competitors. Not only do we now call them our rivals, but we don’t actually spend much time or energy focusing on them. Our Director of Sales, Tom Foster, and our Director of Marketing, Michael Ashford, talk to us about this shift in perspective. 

We Are Playing in an Infinite Game

We are running our business as an Infinite Game Company; our goal is to continue to perpetuate the “game.” We’re not trying to win or beat others for business, but rather we are focusing on continuing to do well, growing, and serving our customers and community well. 

This comes from Simon Sinek’s work, and we agree with his thoughts on how rivals can help push and motivate you. It’s critical to view our rivals in a way that helps us continue to stay in the infinite game. If you’re just trying to beat competitors, then that’s a finite game that can eventually end. We want The Receptionist to live on long beyond all of us.

We Still Care About Business and our Customers

Before you start thinking that we’re not concerned about doing well as a business, know that we are. As a company, we are here to be profitable, but the way that we do that and who we focus on in an effort to get there has been changing. 

In the episode, we discuss how we focus on our customers’ needs and how we have awareness about what our rivals are up to, but that’s not where we put out energy. This mentality has had a ripple effect across the team and we talk about how sometimes you just need to calm down, take your time, and consider who and what you’re focusing on. 

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