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We Started a Culture Club!

Michael Ashford

The FABRIC - a podcast from The Receptionist
We Started a Culture Club!

Though we love the band of the same name, our Culture Club is a bit different. On this episode of the podcast we’re joined by Sam Penrod, Account Executive and Hannah Morris, Customer Experience Representative to share about our Culture Club.

Going Beyond FABRIC

Our FABRIC is what holds us together, and more specifically represents our core values as a company: Fun, Authentic, Bold, Respectful, Innovative, and Collaborative. Even though we live those out in how we work together and with our customers, we wanted to go one step further to really make sure that we’re living this out on a regular basis.

To support that goal, Culture Club was born! Though we’re all involved, Sam, Hannah, and Tom (our Director of Sales) have taken the lead. Anything having to do with FABRIC is what they handle: monthly quarterly lunches, celebratory events, Rockies games, office plants, donations, volunteer events, and more to come!

Building a Stronger Foundation

Culture Club is fairly new and still growing legs, but it’s been helping us concretely delineate which parts of what we are already doing as a company fit into our the box of “culture.” We anticipate that Culture Club will help our FABRIC become even stronger, and we like how this keeps FABRIC in the front of our minds on a regular basis. On this episode we share tips for companies of any size who may want to implement a similar idea in their business. 

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