We Now Have a Marketing TEAM!

Michael Ashford

The FABRIC - a podcast from The Receptionist
We Now Have a Marketing TEAM!


The Receptionist continues to grow and we have recently hired Kayla Hollenbaugh, Digital Campaigns Manager, which means we now have a marketing team!! Michael Ashford is no longer flying solo in marketing as the director. On this episode, we’ve got Michael and Kayla sharing what it’s like to be working together and some insight into what they’re working on now.

Kayla Was a Fit Right Away

We’ve got a very thorough hiring process and Kayla went above and beyond in the process to understand not only our product, but who we are as a company. Once she was hired, she fit in seamlessly, which has been a recurring theme with our newest hires- it’s like they’ve been here all along! 

FABRIC and our Newly-Formed Team

During the hiring process, Kayla was excited about the role for a number of reasons, one being that her values and those of the company are very much in line with each other. Now that she’s in the position, she’s excited that this role allows her to be innovative, trying new ideas and taking ownership over them. And, now that we have two people in marketing, there can be more collaboration; working together on the StoryBrand process has been one area of focus for Michael and Kayla. We can’t wait to see what the marketing team comes up with next!

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