The Turtle Police: Solving Problems Effectively, The First Time

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The Turtle Police: Solving Problems Effectively, The First Time

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When it comes to getting the job done, we want it to be done right. And sometimes that means slowing down. Jessica Marshall, Director of Customer Experience and Co-Founder, and DeLynn Berry, Director of Engineering and Co-Founder join us to talk about how Jess became the original Turtle Police, how it’s evolved, and how it helps the team and our customers. 

A Frenzied Pace is Not Your Friend

While it’s satisfying to get jobs done quickly or rapidly handle your customer’s requests, you run the risk of missing details, doing things multiple times, and addressing your customer’s needs poorly. It’s easy to fall into the trap of moving too quickly, and the Turtle Police is our way of reminding ourselves and our team members that it’s okay to slow down, ask questions, gather information, and then address the task correctly, the first time. 

Being a Respectful Turtle Police Force

The Turtle Police has become a part of our culture, in part because of our core value of respect, our stance on always assuming positive intent, and our communication about The Turtle Police as the concept began. Slowing down can feel like a bold move, especially if you work within a culture that values moving quickly. However, we’ve found that trading timeliness for quality is not something we’re willing to do, both within our team and our customers. 

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