The Synergy of Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game and The Receptionist

Michael Ashford

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The Synergy of Simon Sinek's Infinite Game and The Receptionist

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Have you heard of Simon Sinek? Though we’re newer fans of his work, we’re all in with what he talks about when it comes to looking at business and leadership as an infinite game. On the podcast, we’ve got Andy Alsop, our President, CEO, and Founder, and Michael Ashford, Director of Marketing discussing the infinite game and why we are all about Simon’s work. 

There is a Synergy with What Simon Says

As a company that runs on Traction, we’re very clear on who we are and what we stand for. Our culture is apparent in everything that we do, and we have a team who loves to work here. When we came across Simon’s work, there was a clear synergy of what we do and how we operate with his characteristics of an infinite company. The five main characteristics strongly resonated with us, and we were already living a lot of what he talks about. 

Giving Us Guidance as We Grow

2020 was an unexpected year (and things are still not quite predictable in early 2021), but through this time, we further focused on what we can control, tried to stop worrying about things out of our control, and continued to stay true to our values. We are focused on growing the company, allowing us to serve more clients, and we love the idea of further solidifying ourselves as an infinite company. We look forward to learning even more about Simon’s work and concepts and applying them here at The Receptionist.

Resources mentioned

Watch the overview of Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game and check out the videos on the 5 characteristics of an infinite company:

1. Just Cause 

2. Trusting Teams 

3. Worthy Rival 

4. Existential Flexibility 

5. Courage to Lead 

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