The Importance of Assuming Positive Intent

Michael Ashford

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The Importance of Assuming Positive Intent

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In addition to our core values, a critical guiding principle at The Receptionist is assuming positive intent. We take this approach in our interactions within the company, our customers, and those we work with. On this episode of the podcast, Jessica Marshall, Co-Founder and Director of Customer Experience and Tom Foster, Director of Sales talk with us about this important concept.

Don’t Make Assumptions…and Assume Positive Intent

Believe it or not, assuming positive intent actually comes from a place of not making assumptions. In order to do this, we need to work on freeing ourselves from the past (like job trauma and toxic work environments), which can cause us to make assumptions about someone’s intent and cause us to become defensive. To really succeed with assuming positive intent, there should be company-wide culture where everyone knows their opinion is valued, they trust their colleagues, and there is an understanding that people are coming from a place of kindness and that they’re not coming at you when they contradict your opinions.

It All Starts with You

As much as assuming positive intent seems to have to do with the other person, it all starts with you. We can each work on making sure that when we deliver messages, that we are coming from a place of kindness and positive intent. Additionally, by investing in the relationships that we have with our colleagues, this will help impact the ability for everyone to assume positive intent.

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