Real-Life Examples of Employee vs Shareholder Supremacy

Michael Ashford

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Real-Life Examples of Employee vs Shareholder Supremacy

When push comes to shove, companies that profess to be customer-centered or employee-centered often turn out to be shareholder-centered. This can happen in small companies as well as large ones if saving the bottom line is the explicit priority. On this episode, Andy Alsop shares how employee supremacy goes beyond an employee-centered model, and what that does and doesn’t look like in the real world.

Struggles for Supremacy

Leadership teams always have to juggle the competing priorities of customers, employees, and shareholders. When everything is working, everyone wins. But how do we get there? In the 1970’s, Milton Friedman advanced his idea of shareholder supremacy, arguing that corporations are only obligated to serve their shareholders. In this podcast, we argue that putting employees first is the best way for everyone to win.

Where Are Your Priorities?

How can your company embrace the idea of employee supremacy? Ultimately it comes down to your priorities, and how those priorities impact your decisions. In your company, it will come down to deciding who is the cart and who is the horse.


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