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Meet the Sales Team

Michael Ashford

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Meet the Sales Team

Previously you got to learn more about our Leadership Team; we’re continuing with our goal of giving you an inside look into who we are at The Receptionist. On this episode, we’ve got our Sales Team: Tom Foster, Director of Sales, Quin Walsh, Enterprise Account Executive, and Sam Penrod, Inside Sales Representative. 

The Sales Team has Fun!

Our sales team really enjoys their time together- Tom is the newest member of The Receptionist and though he hit the 5-month mark at the time of recording, it feels like he’s been here longer. Quinn, Sam, and Tom share what made them want to work at the company, their predictions for where we’ll be in one and five years, and why they love working here. We chat proud moments for the team, which include exceeding their goals, reaching milestones, and enjoying working together. 

We also had a few laughs as we heard about funny (and somewhat embarrassing) moments and what team members are up to outside of work. This episode will give you insight into what it’s like to be a member of the sales team and why they enjoy working together.

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