Is The Customer Always Right?

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Is The Customer Always Right?

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On this episode of the podcast, we’re discussing the often-debated question, “Is the customer always right?”. We’re joined by Jessica Marshall, Director of Customer Experience and DeLynn Berry, Director of Engineering to get their perspectives. 

The Customer is Right…to Have an Opinion

DeLynn fills us in on some of the origins of the concept that “the customer is always right” and the drawbacks that can have. He shares the perspective that the customer is always right to have an opinion, whether that’s around feature requests or needs. While we may not always share that same opinion or have the solution that the client thinks they want, we will be thoughtful and respectful about our response and actions.

When it comes to customer requests, we always make sure to ask questions and dig deeper—we want to get a true understanding of what the customer is asking for so that we can determine an appropriate solution and response (even if the solution is referring the client somewhere else or having to tell them “no, we won’t be doing that”). 

How our Values Guide Us

When we do get requests or feedback, we look at it collaboratively not only with the customer but within our team as well. We will be authentic to ourselves and our software- we may not be able to do what customers are asking for, but we’ll be honest, transparent, and communicative along the way. 

Though the customer may not always be “right,” the customer will always be heard and respected. Even when we say “no,” we aim to do so in a way that leaves the customer just as happy (if not happier) than if we had been able to solve the initial request or need. 

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