Innovation is Everybody’s Business

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Innovation is Everybody's Business

On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Carla Johnson, Marketing and Innovation Strategist, Speaker, and Author. She helps people rethink the work they can do and the impact they can have. On this episode, she discusses the concept of innovation, clarifying what the term means and dispelling the myths about who can be innovative.

You Can Become an Innovative Thinker

One of the points that Carla feels most strongly about is that innovation is everybody’s business, no matter what your role at a company. Being innovative is actually something we’re born to do. However, over time, we lose the confidence in ourselves and we’re often told that being innovative is not part of our role. Carla lets us in on the 5-step process to become an innovative thinker and get back to our natural-born abilities.

Look Beyond a Person or a Team for Innovation

Many companies are set up to have a specific individual or part of the organization that’s responsible for innovation. However, Carla encourages those in charge to give permission to others to be innovative and have innovation become a collective responsibility. She reminds us that innovation is everybody’s business- check out her newest book, Re:Think Innovation to learn more. 

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