Humanizing Your Message

Michael Ashford

The FABRIC - a podcast from The Receptionist
Humanizing Your Message

Let’s face it, it’s easy to lose sight of what truly matters in marketing. We talk about ourselves rather than to our followers. We forget our “why.” We find ourselves going through the motions without any sense of what we’re saying or why we’re saying it. On this episode, Michale Ashford, our director of marketing is back to talk about how you can make your messaging more human.

Don’t Do The Robot

Human marketing is grounded in the idea that we are all humans. We as marketers need to remember that there’s a human on the other side of the screen. We need to ask ourselves what they care about and what messages will resonate with them. But we also need to remember that we are also humans. We can show our followers that there’s a human on this side of the screen as well. At the end of the day, we all want a connection, and marketing can be a place where that happens.

Finding Your Voice

So how do we step off the hamster wheel and create content that actually matters to ourselves and our followers? It begins with the questions we ask. What do we care about? What are our core values? What type of messaging would make us proud? Change happens when we’re willing to have the conversation instead of jumping straight to the sale.


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