How to Have Respectful Conflict at Work

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How to Have Respectful Conflict at Work

We’ve all experienced conflict at work. How much of that has felt respectful? Probably not as much as you’d like! On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by “teamwork doctor,” speaker and author, Liane Davey. Liane joins us to talk about the topic of how to have Respectful Conflict at work. 

Tension is Normal

Liane likes to shift what we think of as conflict to the idea of tension: something that can stretch us, but also that can be resolved. She points out that much of the tension at work is around alignment- team members not being on the same page about priorities or plans. She also shares with us a very eye-opening point that many of us are not communicating as effectively as we could. In fact, we may be missing a very critical piece of effective communication that can end up leading to tension in the workplace.

Liane reminds us that whether you call it conflict or tension, it’s going to come up at work (and out of work too!), so it’s important to think about how you can resolve this more effectively for yourself and your team. 

Be Authentic and Vulnerable

When it comes to having respectful conflict at work, Liane shares with us how important it is to be both authentic and vulnerable in your interactions with others. This may sound intimidating, but she gives great insight into what this means and talks us through a few eye-opening examples to help listeners understand how to have respectful conflict at work.

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