How to Excel at Remote Work

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How to Excel at Remote Work

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The year 2020 allowed for many people to work from home. No one realized how long we’d be here. As an already part-time remote team, we thought we knew a lot about working remotely, but we’ve learned a lot about how to excel at remote work. On this episode of the podcast, we’re joined by Kayla Hollenbaugh, Digital Campaigns Manager along with our newest hire, Alex Latham, Software Developer, to talk about how to do well at working remotely.

Our Best Tips for Working Remotely

We already knew that we’d need to communicate, have good time management, and that self-motivation and routine would be important. All of that continued to be necessary, but what we didn’t realize is that we’d need (and want) to connect more with each other not just about work, but how we’re doing personally. Our regular stand-ups have become not just about what is going on with work, but where we were at personally. Being willing to be vulnerable and ask for help when needed has become even more important.

What the Employers Need to Know

We also talk on the episode about what employers need to consider in order to set their employees up for remote work success: from equipment and tools to being prepared to trust their employees, it’s important for companies to realize how they influence the success of their remote employees. Company culture cannot be overlooked when teams are remote and finding ways to continue to promote and live out the company’s values are critical for successful remote teams.

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