How to Communicate through Video, Authentically

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How to Communicate through Video, Authentically

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When it comes to communicating, many of us stick with the traditional mode: text-based communication such as emails and texts. Though we’re all familiar with communicating this way, unfortunately text-based communication can lead to miscommunication and is devoid of the emotions and nuances that you likely want to communicate. We’re joined by BombBomb’s, Chief Evangelist Ethan Beute. The company’s software allows you to use video to be more personal and human in your communication.

Being Authentic in Video

Every time you communicate is an opportunity to be more personal and human, and video does that in a way that email or text doesn’t. Video allows you to restore the human touch in communication which is always important, but especially now. 

However, for many of us, creating videos can feel stressful! Ethan encourages you to just go for it, remembering that the details you’re nit-picking aren’t even being noticed by the person watching. What they see is you, making a human connection, and taking the time to reach out. 

Using Video for Sales and Marketing

Ethan shares about how sales and marketing teams are in a unique position to utilize video and the ways that BombBomb’s tracking tool allows you to gather information to help refine your efforts. But, he reminds you, no matter what, you need to care about your product or service and the people you are aiming to serve. Otherwise, your video may miss the mark and come across as inauthentic, and we know you don’t want that!

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