How to Become a More Engaging and Authentic Presenter with Pitch Lab

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How to Become a More Engaging and Authentic Presenter with Pitch Lab

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If you want to help your client-facing team build stronger relationships, differentiate yourself from the competition, and win more clients, then you’ll want your team members to be authentic and engaging presenters. On this episode of The FABRIC Podcast we’re joined by Jay Mays, Managing Partner at Pitch Lab, a company who helps their clients do just that.  

What We Can Learn from Comedians

Jay brings a background in standup comedy to his work at Pitch Lab. Even he used to get stage fright (everyone does) and he discusses why it’s not helpful to try to calm down when you’re nervous, but instead, get those butterflies to fly in the same direction and reframe your nerves as excitement. 

Jay shares actionable tips for how to get more comfortable when you’re the subject matter expert, what to do if you’re not, and how to tackle the reality that these days, many of our presentations are done through a computer. 

Be Authentic, Bold, and Have Fun!

Not only does Jay help us understand what it means to be authentic and how to do that, but we chat about the values of having fun and being bold. In addition to those being our core values at The Receptionist, Jay shares how those show up and are taught in his work at Pitch Lab.

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