How The Receptionist is Dealing with The Coronavirus

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How The Receptionist is Dealing with The Coronavirus

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We’re back on the podcast with our Founder, President, and CEO Andy Alsop to chat about the very current event: The Coronavirus pandemic. This episode was recorded on March 26, 2020 and we had planned a different topic but before we recorded, we realized we needed to talk about what’s going on. It would be inauthentic (and in direct violation of our values!) if we didn’t take the time to check-in and be transparent about how we’re supporting our team and our clients during this challenging time. 

Things change quickly

By the time this goes live, the situation will have changed even more (hopefully with positive changes and information), but we share on the episode how things started to unfold in mid-March when it became clear that we need to take Coronavirus very seriously. Andy discusses how the team reacted internally as well as how we supported our customers through this challenging time. 

Radical Supportfor all

When news first became more serious, we acted quickly to get information to our customers (and anyone who might need information related to using their Visitor Management System- VMS) about how to use their VMS as a screening tool. We wrote a blog and created a video to provide helpful information, and our customer service team has remained available throughout this time.

Internally, as of the end of March, we are all working 100% from home (as a part-time remote team, this shift was relatively smooth for us) and we are working to stay connected with each other. Andy is proud that as a bootstrapped, generally cash-flow positive company, not only do all of our team members have job security, but he is making sure that we can get home to our families if needed and that everyone is getting the time and space they need to take care of themselves during this challenging time.

Though we don’t know how the rest of this story will unfold, we’re glad we can share with you about what’s been going on for The Receptionist, so far. Be well.

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